CJ/WS425: Gender, Sexuality, Crime & Justice

This page lists the readings for the semester. Students should refer to the syllabus on D2L for detailed grading and due date information.

Week #1: Introduction

  • VIDEO: Why Intersectionality Matters
    • I am not your ‘inmate’: Lawrence Bartley
    • Person-first language is not enough: TaLisa J. Carter
    • How to end the criminalization of American’s Mothers: Sarah Jaffe, Mariame Kaba, Randy Albelda and Kathleen Geier

Week #2: Intersecting Criminologies

    • An argument for Black Feminist Criminology: Hillary Potter
    • Situating institutional responses to Latina IPV: Alondra Garza
    • Imprisoned Indigenous women and colonization: Eileen Baldry and Chris Cunneen
    • Transgender victims and offenders: Buist and Stone

Week #3: The Victimization-Offending Link

    • Voices of remanded women in Western Canada: Daniel J. Jones, Sandra M. Bucerius, and Kevin D. Haggerty
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