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Journal Articles

Valcore, Jace, Henry Fradella, Xavier Guadalupe-Diaz, Matthew Ball, Angela Dwyer, Christina DeJong, Allyn Walker, Aimee Wodda, & Meredith Worthen (2021). Building an Intersectional and Trans-Inclusive Criminology: Responding to the Emergence of “Gender Critical” Perspectives in Feminist Criminology. Critical Criminology (forthcoming).

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  • Article reprinted in “The Growth and Development of Correctional Research: Virtual Special Issues from Justice Quarterly” (2013).

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  • Article reprinted in Criminal Justice: Concepts and Issues (An Anthology) (4th edition), Chris W. Eskridge, ed. (2004)

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Scholarly Books and Book Chapters

Dijmarescu*, Horia and Christina DeJong (in press). Discourse, Legitimacy, and Transnational Politics of LGBTQ+ Violence. In The Handbook of LGBTQ Communities, Crime, and Justice, Volume 2 (Peterson, D. & Panfil, V., eds.). Springer: New York.

Hayes, Rebecca, Christina DeJong, Soyenne Dathorne, and Velika Lawrence (2017). Participatory Action Research: Identifying and Addressing Sexual Violence in St. Lucia. In Caribbean Crime and Criminal Justice: Impacts of Post-colonialism and Gender (Joosen, K.J. & C.A. Bailey, eds). Taylor & Francis. ISBN: 978-1-13-822377-6

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Book Reviews

DeJong, Christina and Michael Rossler* (2011). The Courts of Genocide: Politics and the Rule of Law in Rwanda and Arusha (Book Review). International Journal of Comparative and Applied Criminal Justice, 35(3), 261-263.

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Teaching Materials

Cole, George F., Christopher E. Smith, and Christina DeJong (2017). The American System of Criminal Justice (15th Edition). Cengage Publishing.

Cole, George F., Christopher E. Smith, and Christina DeJong (2018). Criminal Justice in America (9th Edition). Cengage Publishing.

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DeJong, Christina (2007). Instructor’s Resource Manual: Criminal Justice in America. Wadsworth.

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DeJong, Christina (2006, 2009). Instructor’s Resource Manual: The American System of Criminal Justice. Wadsworth.

DeJong, Christina and Daniel J. Kurland (2002). Internet Guide for Criminal Justice, 2nd Edition. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth. [1st edition, 1997]

Other Publications

DeJong, Christina (2008). “Police Response to Domestic Violence”. Article in the Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Violence (Claire M. Renzetti and Jeffrey L. Edleson, eds.).

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