ISS325: War and Revolution

I had a lovely time earlier this week at the award ceremony for the AT&T Instructional Technology Awards. Thanks to AT&T for providing the funds for this recognition–it’s always so exciting to see how instructors from around campus use technology to enhance learning. My submission video can be viewed on the AT&T awards site. ThanksContinue reading “ISS325: War and Revolution”

ACJS 2011

I’m honored to have been invited to participate in two events at the annual meeting of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences in Toronto, ON. First, I’ll be a “critic” on the author-meets-critic panel for Nick Jones’ book, The Courts of Genocide: Politics and the Rule of Law in Rwanda and Arusha. Second, Beth Huebner,Continue reading “ACJS 2011”

ASC 2010

I’m excited to be presenting my first papers on genocide at this year’s American Society of Criminology conference. Both papers will be presented in roundtable format: “Media Reports of War Rape: The Rwandan Genocide”. The United States has been criticized by Samantha Power and others for refusing to intervene in genocidal incidents. Typically, there isContinue reading “ASC 2010”