Poster Presentations (Undergraduate, Upper Level)

The following assignment was used in an capstone course for the Interdisciplinary Studies major in the College of Social Science at MSU. Final posters were presented in a public location on campus (see images below). For your final course project, each group must construct an interdisciplinary explanation of a specific genocide, using factors from yourContinue reading “Poster Presentations (Undergraduate, Upper Level)”

Enhancing the Classroom Experience

Last month, I spoke to a group of our faculty about using Facebook for teaching. You can view my class page here, which contains posts relevant to my topic. Students can earn participation points for posting in my classes, and many remain “fans” of the page long after the course is over. I’ll be speakingContinue reading “Enhancing the Classroom Experience”

ISS325: War and Revolution

I had a lovely time earlier this week at the award ceremony for the AT&T Instructional Technology Awards. Thanks to AT&T for providing the funds for this recognition–it’s always so exciting to see how instructors from around campus use technology to enhance learning. My submission video can be viewed on the AT&T awards site. ThanksContinue reading “ISS325: War and Revolution”